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We all know how fun and addictive it is to fly drones, especially when the sun is shining and you just want to get out there and fly. Before you do though you need to make sure that you are flying safely and abiding by the drone laws.

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Hobby flying is quite straight forward but there are regulations that you need to consider before taking flight.

  • You should fly no higher than 120M.
  • You should fly no farther than 500M.
  • Maintain line of sight of your drone at all times!
  • Do not fly within 50M of buildings or other obstacles like cars or people.
  • Do not fly overhead people.
  • Avoid flying within 150M of crowds of people over 1000.
  • Do not fly in any restricted airspace.
  • Don't fly on private land without permission.
Hobby Flying


Commercial flying is a much more restrictive enviroment as you drone needs to be registered and permits to fly need to be issued from the CAA as it is classed as aerial work.

  • You need valid aerial insurance.
  • You need to have completed a competency test, this can be done through our CAA PfCO course.
  • Your aircraft needs to be registered.
  • Your aircraft must weigh less than 20Kg.
  • You must not fly in restricted airspace.
  • No higher than 120M unless you have permission from the CAA.
  • Before any flight you need to confirm your flight with the CAA.
  • Permission may or may not be needed when taking into consideration the "payment" you are recieving for the work but we always advise to check this anyway.
Commercial Flying


We know at first it can be a lot to take in but our trained staff are more than welcome to provide you with advice or answer your questions over the phone or via email.

Finally, we want all of our customers to fly safe, but also enjoy their purchase from us. We understand all of the rules may sound scary but as long as you perform your pre flight checks, stay sensible and stay 500M lateral, 120M vertical and 50M from people, vehicles or buildings you should be fine.

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