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DJI Matrice 30T Enterprise Drone

SKU: CB.202308110707 Quickfind Code: 1900291
Why buy me
  • Photo Resolution: 12 Megapixel
  • Video Quality: 4K
  • Weight: 3770G
  • Flight Time: Up to 41 Minutes
  • Live view: 1080p @ 30fps
  • GPS: Yes

DJI Official Seller

Why buy from an official DJI seller?

Full UK Warranty

Because we deal directly with DJI and are a Tier 1 authorised DJI partner, we can 100% honour your warranty in case of any issues that arise. The same cannot be said if you order from a non official seller which may mean you need to ship your drone off to China to be fixed. Buy from us and you deal with us! No hassle!

Full UK support

Since we are based in the UK as well as having direct contact with DJI we are much better equipped to support you through your purchase as well as after purchase. Need spares? Wondering how something works? Something not right? We are here for you.

We know our stuff

Being an offical DJI seller means we adhere to the high levels of service DJI expects us to give meaning we can answer all your question, before and after purchase! If you buy in store we can even show you how to fly it right there and then in our indoor Drone Zone.

Special Offers

Because we partner with DJI that means we get special offers that no one else gets meaning we give the savings or even free gifts straight onto our customers. Who says nothing is for free? We certainly don't! The more we can offer you the better!


DJI Matrice 30T Enterprise Drone
Designed for commercial and first responder use in harsh conditions, the Matrice 30T Enterprise Drone from DJI can withstand water, dirt, dust, wind, and extreme temperatures from -4° up to 122°F. Combine that with built-in redundancies and backup systems for flight control and signal transmission, and the Matrice 30T is a drone you can count on for important projects and missions. During these flights, you have access to a wide-angle, zoom, and thermal camera that covers a wide variety of video and still image recording tasks. Plus, a laser rangefinder to pinpoint targets from long range.

Key Features

  • Wide-Angle, Zoom & Thermal Cameras
  • FPV Camera & Laser Rangefinder
  • Up to 4K30 Video Resolution
  • 5-16x Optical | Up to 200x Hybrid Zoom
  • Water, Dust, Dirt & Cold/Heat Resistant
  • 6-Sided Obstacle Avoidance
  • Up to 9.3-Mile Transmission Range
  • RC Plus Remote Controller Included
  • Up to 52 mph Maximum Speed
  • Up to 4.4 Miles Maximum Elevation

When used for creative projects, you can push the 52 mph max speed of the Matrice 30T for capturing fast-paced action or elevate it up to 4.4 miles in the sky to record majestic B-roll, both at up to 4K30 resolution. Each camera has unique properties you can take advantage of. The 12MP wide-angle lens offers an 84° field of view, while the 48MP zoom can get up close with 5 to 16x optical zoom and a 200x hybrid zoom. During industrial or first responder flights, the thermal camera can be essential in finding individuals during search and rescue missions or detecting potentially hazardous conditions on inspection flights.

Laser Rangefinder
This tool can pinpoint objects at a range of 10' up to 0.75 miles, providing you with their exact coordinates. During industrial or first responder flights, the thermal camera can be essential in finding individuals during search and rescue missions or detecting potentially hazardous conditions on inspection flights.

Stay Safe
To ensure the safety of the Matrice 30T and everything around it, DJI equips it with dual-vision and ToF depth sensors on all six sides of the drone for automatic obstacle avoidance. An additional ADS-B receiver is incorporated to deliver warnings of nearby manned aircraft.

Stable Control with OcuSync 3 Enterprise
For commercial drone work where time and money are on the line, it is essential that you maintain control over the aircraft. Utilizing OcuSync 3 Enterprise technically with four built-in antennas, on top of the built-in system redundancies, the Matrice 30T works to provide control and triple-channel 1080p video transmission from up to 9.3 miles away. You also can take advantage of seamless swapping between input fields.

Image Modes

  • Night Flight: A dedicated FPV camera is optimized for low-light filming, so terrain and sky are easily visible for safe flying at night.
  • Smart Low-Light Photo: Capture bright and clear sill photos at night, seeing more of what's in the shadows and being able to read signs and labeling better on objects.
  • Laser Rangefinder: Find an object with the drone's camera and pinpoint its distance and coordinates via integrated sensor fusion algorithms.

RC Plus Remote Controller
With a similar rugged construction, the RC Plus is IP54-rated to withstand water and dust, and it can handle extreme temperatures from -4° to 122°F. It supports dual control mode and you can view the drone's 1080p stream and essential telemetry on the built-in 7" widescreen display. A stable stream is sent through its dual antennas and support for OcuSync 3 Enterprise technology. You can pilot for up to six hours with an internal and external battery configuration, and support for hot-swapping ensures seamless, uninterrupted operation.

Easy to Transport
The Matrice 30T features a foldable design that keeps it compact, making it easier to store, transport, and deploy.

DJI Pilot 2
DJI's upgraded enterprise flight interface software, DJI Pilot 2, is made to work seamlessly with the RC Plus remote and provide a clearer presentation of drone telemetry and navigational information. Drone and payload controls are just a tap away and essential buttons, such as adjusting the camera views or dropping PinPoints, are kept within easy reach. The software also ensures a safe flight by supplying a comprehensive preflight checklist.

FlightHub 2
DJI's FlightHub 2 is software used to connect you with the cloud as you pilot, to share, interact, and update missions in real time. Some features of FlightHub 2 include:

  • 2.5D base map for terrain awareness.
  • One-tap Panorama Sync for rapid overviews.
  • Fast cloud mapping.
  • Annotate footage live by highlighting areas and objects of interest, which you can then make available to other team members nearby or for viewing remotely.
  • Consolidate team information in one place by synchronizing the positions of team members, the drone's status, mission details, and more in real time and across multiple devices.
  • Route Planning and Management lets you plan routes and missions and then synchronize them with Pilot 2 on the remote. Operational data can also be automatically uploaded to FlightHub 2 Media Files for further review and analysis.
  • Smart Inspection is an upgrade to Live Mission Recording and brings you an optimized user interface that provides convenient task recording and target point marking, saving 90% of operation steps. Gimbal angle and photo settings can be adjusted between Waypoints, improving flight and mission efficiency.

Data Security

  • AES encryption of the memory card
  • Local data mode
  • One tap clears all device data
  • AES-256 video transmission encryption
  • Cloud API

Developer Support
The Matrice 30T supports an open developer ecosystem to improve and customize what the drone can do

  • MSDK: Mobile SDK 5 makes it easier to develop apps for controlling the Matrice 30T. It's open source and includes production code examples.
  • PSDK: Combines the onboard SDK and payload SDK, making it easier to develop and deploy 3rd-party payloads.
  • Cloud API: Directly connect to 3rd-party cloud platforms without needing to make a new app. Access a variety of information, such as the drone's hardware, video live stream, and photos.
Drone Specification
Flight Time Up to 41 Minutes
Speed 51mph
Weight 3770G
Number Of Rotors 4
Warranty 1 year warranty
Max Video Resolution 4K
Live view
Live View Quality 1080p @ 30fps
Photo Quality 12 Megapixel
Built In Camera
Drone Features
Return To Home
Collision Avoidance
Control System Remote
Position Hold

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