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Why Sell To Drones Direct?

In Safe Hands

Your drone will be sent to our Tech team in Yorkshire where DJI-trained technicians analyse and test your drone. We have seen everything so you can trust our expertise.

Fast Payments & Hassle Free

With no hurdles in the way, we process your trade-in as fast as physically possible, and being in the UK means there’s no overseas shipment delays or hidden costs!

UK's Largest Drone Store

We are the UK’s largest Drone store with a dedicated team based in Huddersfield to cater to your every need. Our store has over 20 drones on display with the ability to see them flying in our drone zone too!

Frequently Asked Questions

About My Drone

I can`t find my drone in your list what can I do?

If your drone is not currently in our list of drones that we accept for trading in, please contact our customer services team and we will see what we can do.


Can I sell multiple drones?

Yes. simply fill out a form for each drone you’d like to sell. Please don’t send multiple drones under one form.


Is my personal information safe?

Your drone could have information saved on a memory card or internal storage. Please remove any memory cards and delete any photos/videos from internal storage if you drone has this. In short, your personal information is very secure as any data we receive is immediately destroyed when we receive it as part of the process.


I sent you my memory card, can you send it back?

We take data and personal information very seriously and all data sent to us on any device or storage is destroyed when we receive it. Any memory cards will be destroyed too.



How quickly do I need to send my drone to you?

Following completion of our online form, you have 14 days to send your drone to us for assessment, using the Collect Plus service or by posting it yourself.


I’m ready to send my drone, how should I package it?

Please remove all memory cards. Please make sure that your drone is packaged adequately and the box is secured. Click here to see our handy packaging guide for tips on how to prepare your drone for shipping. If it arrives damaged or does not arrive at all we cannot accept responsibility. The chance of anything happening to your drone whilst it`s with Collect Plus is minimal, but if anything should go wrong it is insured and we`d pay you the amount you were originally quoted online. We`ll email you as soon as it`s here with us for your peace of mind!


I have forgotten to put the form inside the box, what should I do?

This shouldn’t be a problem but may delay the processing of your order. Please call our customer service team to help us locate your drone when it arrives.


How will I know when you’ve received my drone?

We will send you an email within 24 hours of receiving your drone and we send you regular updates throughout the process.


Can I sell my drone at your showroom?

We can offer this service at our Huddersfield showroom. Just speak to one of our store team and we can complete the application in store. If you’ve submitted a form already, please also have your sale ID to hand and we’ll do the rest.



How do I receive payment and how long does it take?

We will send you an email confirming that your funds are on the way. Payment will be in the form of a cheque, sent to the name and address you supplied on the original form and could take up to 10 days to arrive. Please call us if you have not received your payment after this time.


How do I get my drone back if I don’t agree with your valuation?

We provide you with all of the details throughout the process, simply follow the links in the email and we’ll send your drone back to you as soon as possible, this usually takes up to 5 working days.


Can my payment be made out to another person?

The details originally inputted into the trade-in form are the only acceptable details regarding payment. Unfortunately we are unable to change these details at a later date.


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