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DJI Phantom 3 ND4 Neutral Density Camera Lens Filter 6958265117909

Quickfind: 1045799 SKU: 6958265117909

Product Information


Adding a neutral density filter to your Phantom 3 can vastly improve your picture quality. offering different ways of shooting imagery for deeper and more dramatic results. Neutral density filters help you to control the light.

Neutral density filters reduce the amount of light entering the camera, giving you more freedom to use longer shutter speeds, wider apertures or larger ISO speeds, enabling you to get the correct exposure when shooting.

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Phantom filters


The higher the number of the neutral density filter the more reduction in incoming light. With a ND4 filter light intensity can be reduced down to 25%. The ND4 filter is ideal for improving your images and videos in standard daylight, and is the equivalent to an f stop reduction of 2.


The neutral density filter enables you to use a longer exposure, this way you are able to avoid choppy and wobbly footage often caused by a fast shutter speed. Steps between frames become less noticeable as your footage looks smoother and more natural.


Bring your images and video to life. The filter emphasises motion and can make tumultuous scenes appear surreal and quiescent.

Take your drone photography to the next level. Blur clouds, turn water into a beautiful veil, blur the wheels of a moving car or leave a trail behind a runner.



With the help of the neutral density filter a shallower depth of field can be achieved in bright light. Capture beautiful shots with background blur and subject isolation.


The Neutral density filter does not change or affect the colours of your images and videos. The filter reduces light in a uniformed manner, whatever the colour conditions. Delivering you true colours with depth and eliminating glare.

Neutral density filter


  • Specifically designed for the DJI Phantom 3, Advanced & Professional
  • Reduces the amount of light entering the camera sensor
  • Gives you more freedom over the cameras aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings
  • Helps to avoid overexposed photos
  • Allows 1/4 of the incoming light to pass through, reducing light intensity to 25%, equal to 2-fstop filter strength
  • Emphasises motion
  • Produces deeper, more dramatic images
  • Helps to achieve a shallower depth of field
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